Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year From The Gramersi Team

Dear Gramersi Community,

Every single day, we get out of bed to tell you about the unbelievable positivity and ingenuity that can come out of chaos, trauma, and uncertainty.

For me, this has been a stark, daily reminder that anything is possible, no matter the circumstances, and I guess that this has been the underlying message throughout ALL of our stories.

Like many of the businesses we write about, we also launched during the pandemic. And whilst the mainstream media reported with a heavy emphasis towards doom, gloom and death, we went the complete opposite way: we’ve shown the nation that regardless of your circumstances, you can always come out on top.

And what’s more important than the products and the brands themselves, is the people behind the brands, and why they do what they do.

There have been times this year, that I have been so utterly heartbroken to have learned of the tragedies and hardships of some of the entrepreneurs on our platform, that I have broken down into tears. The reason I pushed on though, is because I thought: “if this story is making me feel this way, then it’s an important story that needs to be told.”

So let’s move on to Christmas. After all, that’s why you clicked on this article, right? This time last year, Christmas was cancelled (due to lock-down restrictions), and like many of you, I spent it alone. To give myself some inspiration for this year’s Christmas message, I went back: I read last year’s Christmas message, and it said:

“Most people would agree that this year has been a difficult one. As I sit here and write this letter to you all, a tear rolls down my face. Maybe it’s grief. Or maybe it’s relief that this year is almost over…”

Once again (low-and-behold), a tear is rolling down my face. And whilst it might seem like nothing has changed, let me assure you that it has. This time, my eyes aren’t flooded with tears of grief, or relief that the year is almost over. Quite the opposite, in fact: if anything, I am sad to see this year come to an end.

Looking back upon reflection, I feel a huge sense of pride and elation for everything that we as a team have achieved this year, and an even greater feeling of gratitude for the love, support, community, and positivity that has come our way.

I/we really can’t thank you enough for continuing to support what we do, for being a part of our community, AND for letting us be a part of yours.

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Many people will agree with me that this year has at the very least, been a minor improvement on the unprecedented trauma that was 2020. With that being said, it hasn’t been perfect, either. Like you, we have faced many of our own obstacles. BUT, we hung in there, we pushed on through, and we shall continue to do so next year in 2022.

Here are a few words from Gramersi’s other Founders, Ashley and Laurene:

“Last year, many of us were separated from our families at the end of an already difficult year. It’s looking like we will get to spend this Christmas with our loved ones, which I am sure is a comfort to many in what remains a difficult time. Merry Christmas and good health to all of our readers, supporters, the brands we’ve covered, and their families,” said Ashley Gibbs (Co-Founder and CTO at Gramersi).

2021 has been anything but easy, but hopefully Christmas and the upcoming 2022 will bring better days and wider smiles. I hope that all of our readers will enjoy this much needed family time with joy and happiness,” said Laurene Rey-Millet (Co-Founder and Chief Journalist at Gramersi).

And on that note, I’d like to wrap up by wishing YOU a VERY Merry Christmas. As a team, we are sending you bucket-loads of love, positivity, happiness and health.

Yours truly,

George Taylor

Oh. And don’t forget to check out our special Christmas video, featuring Yanika from Cordina Hair, below: