Meet Lucy Rout, The 27 Year Old Cancer Survivor Behind Tabuu

Tabuu is a pill case start-up launched by Lucy Rout, a 27-year-old cancer survivor who wants to remove the stigma when it comes to taking medication in public.

It’s the modernised pill case invention that everyone’s talking about. It’s smart, discrete, stylish and compact: perfect for those on the move, and for busy lifestyles.

The case can hold up to six large tablets. It’ll fit in your bag, on your keyring, and in your pocket (to keep your medication safe whilst you’re on-the-go). The product is made from plastic-free materials (durable food grade stainless steel, to be more specific). It’s fully waterproof, and it comes in four chic colours, including Jet Black, Cosmic Grey, Lavender and Flamingo Pink.

Lucy launched the business last year in September 2021, and impressively, Tabuu is already available to purchase on Amazon, with product sales stretching across the globe to countries far-and-wide, including: Australia, America, Canada, and the EU.

The Founder, Lucy Rout, is a 27-year-old cancer survivor who needs to medicate every time she eats. The entrepreneur and inventor found herself apologising for having to doing so, so she searched for a pill case that would make her feel better about this part of her day, but she simply couldn’t find one, and this is how the idea was born. Lucy then decided to design her own pill case, before going on to launch Tabuu.

“I searched everywhere for something to keep my tablets in, that would at the very least make me feel a little bit better about this important part of my day, and I was really disappointed to find that nothing existed for people with needs like mine. Many people, including me, have had to resort to carrying our tablets in sandwich bags, foil, and in our jean pockets,” said Tabuu’s Founder and CEO, Lucy Rout.

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“Whether taking medication for contraception, mental health, pain relief, or any of the other many reasons, it is never something you should ever be made to feel uncomfortable for doing. I want to empower people to feel unapologetic with their medication, by creating beautiful, conversation-driving cases that also provides discretion for the days you’d rather not open up,” she added.

As part of Tabuu’s ethos to “give back,” the start-up also donates a percentage of their profits to a selection of cancer charities.

Prior to launching Tabuu, Lucy worked for Amazon as a Start-up Development Manager in Sustainable Innovation. With a bachelor’s degree in Business and Management from Durham University, and experience at Unilever and Just Eat, Lucy has developed a sound business knowhow, and a strong entrepreneurial acumen. She also has a keen interest in water sports, and she previously spent three months in Greece as a water sports instructor.

Also, Lucy and her business, Tabuu were recently featured in Forbes.

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