Twisted Kombucha: The Health Probiotic Drink For Your Gut.

Twisted Kombucha: a fresh new twist on the traditional fermented Kombucha tea: it’s a functional new health probiotic drink (created to truly care for your gut).

Twisted Kombucha is a live fermented tea, which provides functional nutrition, gut-health benefits, well-being protection, AND it’s rich in probiotics. The product distinguishes itself as an independent, authentic, and healthier alternative beverage to carbonated drinks and alcohol. It’s vegan, raw, unpasteurised, lower in sugar, gluten-free, and it contains ONLY 100% natural ingredients. 

Founded in September 2019 by Lou Dillon (during her MSc in Food Science), Twisted Kombucha is now on a mission to filter out adulterated kombucha (which is heavily flooding the market, due to the industry being a largely unregulated sector) in the growing kombucha trend.

The product was developed to twist the narrative, – to provide a healthy, living, unadulterated kombucha, that ensures all of the beneficial live bacteria and yeast remains, whilst still providing an enjoyable, tasty, and quality drinking experience. 

Impressively, Lou Dillon is currently the ONLY female kombucha brewer in North London. Also, she’s the only female kombucha brewer in the UK, who is a Registered Nutritionist and Food Scientist, as well. Her product is backed by passion and science. On top of this, Lou has recently validated a health claim, too: the product is a vegan source of Vitamin B12. 

The range includes five unique, high-quality flavours, not yet seen on the market in other popular commercial brands. Each beverage contains it’s own, individual health benefits, – derived from the botanicals added for additional flavour. The full range includes:

  • Natural (light and savoury),
  • Hibiscus and Lavender (fragrant and floral),
  • Strawberry, Hibiscus and Ginger (bold, fiery and fresh),
  • Ginger, Pineapple and Cascade Hops (fruity, tropical and tangy),
  • And Butterfly Pea Flower (with a sour kick).

NOTE: The bottle sizes are 330ml.

“I analysed Kombucha during a few modules in the University lab, whilst doing my Food Science degree, where I quickly discovered the benefits of this magical ferment, and the role it can play towards healthier digestion and immune functions. As a nutritionist, this was really interesting to learn, so I researched more deeply into this era of gut health, and how the state of our guts can lead to various illnesses,” said Twisted Kombucha’s Founder, Lou Dillon.

But it was whilst Lou was enjoying her Christmas holidays and socialising with friends, that she had her ‘real’ eureka moment.

“Some of my friends were abstaining from alcohol, and they were frustrated by the lack of choice, and the poor quality of alcohol substitutes. Kombucha is a great alternative to alcohol, because it’s fermented, so it provides a similar sensation to the tongue that you get when indulging in an alcoholic drink. So I thought ‘why not enjoy drinking when you’re not drinking,’ she added.

Prior to launching Twisted Kombucha, Lou worked in a wide variety of roles, from being a teacher (whilst travelling and living in Asia for 10 years), to being a full time bus driver, to working on the NHS Front line with elderly and disabled people, before resigning in 2018 (due to sickness-related work stress). She has also studied Food Science and Nutrition.

In January 2021, Lou made a commitment to become ‘the best authentic Kombucha brewer,’ so she set up a micro brewery in Muswell Hill in North London, – using her small business bounce-back loan as a means to launch.

Now, her brand is stocked in a growing list of 30+ stockists in and around North, West and East London. Since moving into her new brewery, in the last 12 months, she has sold 7000+ bottles of kombucha into retail. Lou has also taken on new members of staff, using the government’s Kickstart scheme.

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