Veraco Hygiene Solutions: Helping Businesses To Reopen Safely

Veraco is an innovator in hygiene solutions for frequently touched surfaces: their antibacterial touchpoint cover is helping businesses to reopen safely.

Their Safe Pad™ antimicrobial touchpoint covers are trusted across multiple sectors by the likes of Deutsche Bank, CBRE, Muller, COS, Unilever, Canary Wharf Group, Premierships clubs (such as Wolverhampton Wanderers FC), and more.

As the hospitality industry and the retail sector begins to bounce back, Veraco’s Clear Range™ solution is perfect for those who operate in a more premium setting (where it’s important to consider both the interior design, and the safety element as one). The products contain a ‘Silver Ion’ technology, which attacks harmful bacteria and viruses, kills bacteria, and reduces microbial growth by up to 99.99%.

Launched in October 2020, Veraco’s technology breaks down the biological makeup, and prevents its ability to reproduce, multiply and form bio-films.

More importantly (and interestingly) though, is that the products focus specifically on touch: “It’s really important that we listen to the market, and respond to what they tell us. Hygiene safety is critical everywhere, but for businesses where the design experience is also critical, these shouldn’t have to be compromised. Therefore, our clear range is the perfect solution for restaurants, bars and hotels,” said Veraco’s George Strong.

Frequently touched surfaces can create a huge risk of cross-contamination, however Veraco’s technology is tackling this problem, – by actively killing germs on touch.

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The inspiration for Veraco came when Charles Churchman (Veraco’s Co-Founder) was researching medical mattresses whilst running a high-end furniture company. In hospital environments where hygiene can be critical, there’s a huge issue with cross-contamination through the stitching.

Charles looked into adding antimicrobial technology to the surface, and this was how/when he discovered the potential of adding antimicrobial technology into smaller, easy-to-use products, and in other widely-used areas. Since the start of the pandemic, people’s attitudes towards hygiene have changed, meaning that technology that was once limited to medical environments only, – has suddenly become important everywhere.

With over 500,000 units sold already, Veraco has become a global hygiene brand. Their products can now be seen in Cos Retail, Wolves FC stadium, NHS Hospitals, Deutsche Bank, and… in many more.

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