Impossibrew DOUBLES In Valuation Since Dragons Den Rejection

Impossibrew (the healthy alcohol-free beer brand, – set up by a philosophy student named Mark Wong), – has DOUBLED in value since the Dragons rejected the idea.

Impossibrew’s Founder, Mark Wong, – moved from Hong Kong to the UK when he was 13 years old. He was unable to speak a word of English.

Later on in life, Mark studied philosophy at Durham University. From the age of 18, he developed a love for beer. However, his passion took an unfortunate turn. At 21, he was diagnosed with alcohol-induced liver damage, and he was forced to give-up alcohol completely. Mark tried hundreds of non-alcoholic beers, but he just wasn’t getting the ‘same effect.’

Following this frustration, Mark made it his mission to find a healthier way to unwind without alcohol. The solution arose when he went back to Asia. It was here, that he discovered a whole new world of functional plants that his ancestors had used for medicinal purposes. Inspired by this discovery, Mark began to brew his own beer in his University bedroom, using these ingredients.

Two years later (in November 2020), IMBOSSIBREW was born. IMBOSSIBREW means = beer brewed with plants to help you unwind without the alcohol. The drink is refreshingly crisp with a hoppy palate, it contains only 66 calories per can, AND it’s packed full of active nutrients that supports relaxation, – without the drowsiness.

NEXT UP, was Dragons’ Den. During his recent appearance on the popular TV show, Mark pitched for a £50,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity, but he was REJECTED BY EVERY DRAGON, because he was ‘too early into his business journey,’ and because there’s ‘too much competition.’


“It was a great learning opportunity. I never thought that I’d ever be on Dragon’s Den, let alone be invited to pitch. And for that, I am extremely grateful. The comments from the Dragons were very constructive, and I don’t regret a single moment of it. As a nation, we’ve only just begun the journey towards changing how we drink, and I can’t wait to show the Dragons our progress in 3-5 years,” said Mark.

THE GOOD NEWS: Since walking out of the Den completely empty-handed, Mark has secured almost DOUBLE the investment he pitched for on the tele, – from two independent angel Investors (one of whom is a FTSE 250 CFO). The company has grown by 930% since launching in 2020, with multiple sell-outs, and a gold award win at the European Beer Challenge (beating Stella and Leffe alcohol free brews). Mark has also launched a wildly popular Hazy Pale Ale.

Now, Mark has extensive plans to expand to the US and further before 2023.

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