Frida Rome: NOT Just A Vegan Handbag With A Sexy Twist…

“When bad girls do good things.” Meet Natalie Deana and Rebecca Joy: the two lifelong friends behind Frida Rome: vegan handbags with MORE than just a sexy twist.

Natalie and Rebecca are adamant that their vision is to build a luxury, sustainable empire, by creating products for the future-focussed consumer, and like-minded vegans.

Frida Rome’s Founders, Natalie Deana and Rebecca Joy.

“There’s a growing demand for sustainable products in the fashion industry. We believe that we’re bridging the gap between affordable and luxury. We’re making sustainability sexy. Ultimately, Frida Rome is for those who see themselves as a rebel with a heart of gold,” said Deana.

“Frida Rome is inspired by women with joie de vivre. We want every customer to feel the spirit of what the brand embodies when they wear our products. Also, creating this brand has proven that taking a leap of faith can be worth the risk. We hope that through Frida Rome, we can inspire other women to chase their own aspirations, too,” said Joy.

Frida Rome = sophisticated on the outside, and naughty on the inside...

One Frida Rome product is a punkishly-cool crossbody handbag, named ‘The WEEK/END,’ which upon opening, reveals a tantalising tale of a steamy weekend romance. Then there’s a more recent launch for your 9 to 5: the WEEKDAY, – a sleek and minimal tailored tote. And in addition to this, there’s the WEEKDAY X, too: an effortless, slouchy tote.

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And just in case you were wondering: YES. They ALL come with an erotic read about a secret office liaison: perfect for a mediocre, mundane Monday.

Rebecca and Natalie Founded Frida Rome in 2018, because they struggled to find a vegan brand that they aligned with. They spotted a gap in the market for a vegan accessories brand that didn’t compromise on style. Therefore, Frida Rome combines veganism with luxury (using eco-friendly materials, of course).

Prior to launching Frida Rome, Rebecca ran her own event company, and Natalie was a TV and Advertising Producer.

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