YesColours: Eco Paint (With Recyclable Pouches). COMING SOON

Launching this month (February 2022), YesColours aims to tackle the paint waste issue, by introducing radical new packaging (flipping the industry on its head).

Did you know?

UK households are storing roughly 50 million litres of leftover paint (according to new estimates from scientists who have warned that this could have a knock-on effect on the environment). How many half-empty paint tins do YOU have at home right now? No judgement. We’ve all got them. The UK average is 17 per household. And here’s why:

  • Over-ordering,
  • Only 1/3 of recycling centres accept paint and tins for recycling, with just 2% making it through the recycling process.

YesColours’ intention is to provide an alternative packaging solution (taking a nod from the beauty and cosmetics industry, – that tackles both of these issues), along with a number of other clever environmental benefits:

  • 1 litre pouches, so that customers can order what they need more accurately,
  • Packaging that is more widely and easily recyclable than a standard paint tin.

The paint is environmentally-friendly, and the recyclable pouch packaging will stop paint tins from ending up in landfill. Also, the paint is 100% APE and NPE free, it includes 0% VOCs, and it’s vegan and cruelty-free, too. As well as this, the range includes an extensive paint palette of 41 available colours (and growing!).

Furthermore, the paint pouch alone uses 16% less fossil fuel, generates 21% less greenhouse gas emissions, and 26% less water throughout its production than traditional rigid packaging, – giving customers the opportunity to help protect the environment, before they’ve even started painting. 

AND, the pouch can be placed in local store or supermarket recycling points (which is much better than leaving tins in sheds to degrade over time, where they’ll eventually be taken to the tip to be landfilled, or incinerated). And as UK collection services improve kerb-side recycling, customers will also be able to recycle the product in their homes, too. 

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YesColours was Founded by John Stubbs (NewTerritory, Mary Portas), and Emma Bestley (MoveOverMagnolia, ClearChannel) (below).

“We’re launching YesColours with a packaging solution, in the hope that we can kick-start a radical change in how paint is packaged for DIY customers, to allow for easier recycling. This represents our first step in taking an innovative approach towards environmental issues, whilst also providing customers with premium quality paint, in colours that promotes wellbeing, and of which helps to protect the world around us,” said John.

John Stubbs, (whose father quit school at age of fifteen, before going on to work in a car paint workshop in North London) grew up fascinated by design and the environment. Throughout his career (whether it was volunteering on conservation projects, working with the retail extraordinaire, Mary Portas, OR delivering complex industrial design projects for global brands), he has always pushed for a positive impact for people and the planet.

Supported by Emma Bestley (his Creative Partner, and friend of over 20 years), both Founders were unemployed at the time, whilst entering the first UK lockdown, due to Covid-19. They have since grown YesColours into the UK’s newest and most exciting homegrown paint brand, with a new vision of what a paint company should be, should stand for, and… who it should be for.

YesColours has already been featured at a pop-up shop on Oxford Street. On top of this, they’re also partnering with a major UK retail outlet, – alongside some exciting new brand partnerships across fashion, retail, music and lifestyle, AND internationally-known industry experts and influencers.

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