Kin Coffee Roastery: Ethical, Sustainable Speciality Coffee.

From sourcing coffee responsibly, to reusable, recyclable glass packaging, Kin Coffee are the new kids on the coffee block, and they’re doing it the RIGHT way.

Founded in April 2021 by Greg and Kate, Kin Coffee aims to do good, by ensuring that all of their practices are as sustainable and as ethical as possible.

Greg and Kate developed their passion for speciality coffee whilst living in London. Greg was working in the luxury travel industry at the time, however he got caught up in the COVID-19 employment limbo whilst moving jobs, and this resulted in him and Kate moving back to Kent in 2020.

However, it didn’t take long for them to start missing the speciality coffee scene of London, so they decided to launch their own coffee roastery business. To do this, they repurposed an outbuilding into a roastery, they took out a loan, and they bought in all of the required equipment. 

Months of innovation led to the development of their bespoke bottle lids. These contain a ‘freshness valve,’ which ensures maximum freshness of the beans over time. Now, on their website, you’ll find whole beans in milk bottles, and ground coffee in jam jars, as well as home-compostable refill pouches (made from renewable wood pulp).

Their labels are printed on 100% recycled paper (which are fully-recyclable), and they’re purchased from The Sustainable Print Company (which are based locally). AND their coffees are diligently-sourced. This ensures quality produce, ethical agricultural practices, environmental certifications, and well-looked-after farmers (who are paid in excess of Fairtrade wages).

All of their beans are hand-roasted with care in micro-batches, at their beautiful countryside roastery in Staplehurst, Kent.

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Their mainstay coffee “Earlybird” is directly traded with the Lancha Oliveira family at the Fazenda (farm) Bom Jesus in Brazil (it’s Rainforest Alliance, and UTZ Certified). Medium roasted, the bean produces a biscuity aroma, notes of milk chocolate, and toasted nuts: an everyday favourite.

“Freebird” is their all year-round 100% natural decaf from Columbia (which is decaffeinated at source, resulting in fresher produce, and a heavily reduced carbon footprint), alongside their exciting range of ever-changing, seasonally-sourced coffees, such as their new carbon neutral coffee from El Salvador (which is launching soon).

“Coffee packaging is not widely recyclable, so we designed re-usable and recyclable glass options with home-compostable refill packs. Directly connecting with the farmers, and meticulously refining the highly technical aspects of roasting has led us to a whole new appreciation for enjoying a great cup of coffee,” said Greg and Kate.

Kin Coffee was featured in The Times (less than a year after launching), as a “game changing coffee brand.” Why? Because they’re the first-known UK company to provide freshly roasted coffee in sustainable glass packaging.

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