Boy Wonder: The Sustainable Fashion Brand, Inspired By Loss.

Starting out as a blog, Boy Wonder was set-up by a fashion designer named Ismay Mummery, – who drew her inspiration from their son, and the loss of her husband.

It was whilst caring for her late husband Jon, that Ismay decided to give her dream a chance. “In 2016, the blog began. The blog tells the story of setting up my kids fashion business, and my research into ethical and sustainable fashion, and green issues,” said Ismay.

Sadly, after ten years together, and after giving birth to a beautiful boy, Ismay’s husband Jon passed away. “It was a difficult point in my life, and it still is,” she said.

Nothing replaces losing someone you love that much. But I had to get up again, with the little energy I had left, and do what I love doing. Jon would have wanted that. He achieved so much in his short life, and he never let his condition hold him back. THAT is where my energy came from,” added Ismay.

Inspired by their son, Dylan, Ismay spotted a gap in the market, for a sustainable fashion brand for young boys. As a former designer for Firetrap (amongst many others), Ismay had the credentials all right, but mustering up the confidence as a widowed mum to start a business was not easy for her.

“I knew it wouldn’t be easy. It required confidence and strength to build something from scratch, – two things that were in short supply in my life at that time. It all started with a successful Kickstarter campaign, which filled me with the belief that people did want this kind of clothing in their lives,” she said.

A successful Kickstarter campaign enabled Ismay to kick-start her business, however, the pandemic hit. “I couldn’t believe it,” said Ismay.

Mills closed, printers closed, and stuck in lock-down. All of the sustainable places I had sourced, discovered and negotiated with – to create the clothing, were no longer sure if they were going to be operating,” said Ismay.

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But she pushed on through.

Since launching, Boy Wonder has earned it’s place as a finalist in various awards, including the LeicestershireLive Innovation Awards, The Best Childrenswear Brand, and more. Also, Ismay was recently celebrated at the House of Lords with f:entrepreneur, as one of the UK’s most inspiring female entrepreneurs.

Boy Wonder’s designs were inspired by the few years that Jon and Ismay lived in Sweden together.

Ismay sought to combine Scandinavian influences, and her British cultural heritage – to create quirky, hand drawn prints. Also, the range isn’t your typical “throwaway fashion,” for when the kids get too big. There’s in-built room for growth, free repair kits, and care products, too. The clothing is designed, printed, and made ethically in the UK, just 20 miles from where Ismay lives in the Midlands. 

“I wanted bright, fun, stereotype-free clothing for children, that was kind to people and the planet. I wanted him to be able to enjoy fashion as much as girls do, but without all the gender reinforcement. And most importantly, I didn’t want the clothes that he wore to be made by kids his age, in poor countries that are in bonded slavery,” said Ismay.

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