The Michaela Vybohova Story: From Supermodel, To Michaela V.

Today’s spotlight is about a Slovakian girl in New York named Michaela Vybohova. Michaela is a supermodel who launched Michaela V, a world-class footwear brand.

Michaela is no stranger to the fashion industry. She’s a world-renowned supermodel, who has appeared on the front cover of some of the most highly-regarded fashion magazines on the planet.

A Slovakian girl in New York, named Michaela Vybohova (above).

However in 2019, she decided to launch her own world-class footwear brand, called Michaela V.

Since launching Michaela V, Michaela has attracted an incredible amount of attention, due to her exceptional design skills, her creative output, her attention to detail, and… her business acumen. And whilst it might seem like Michaela’s journey towards launching her footwear brand was easy, it wasn’t. In fact, she spent YEARS watching, learning, researching, and planning, before she launched her footwear collection. It was a lengthy process.

But… it paid off (from across the pond, – well done, Michaela).

“My dream was to create something unique, that blends the two worlds of style and quality, all whilst being affordable,” said Michaela.

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The Michaela V vision is to be a brand that girls and women who are inspired by the fashion industry, just like I was when I was young, can afford, and be a part of,” she added.

NOW, Michaela is on a mission to “make you feel confident, comfortable, and as beautiful as you are at your core when you put your Michaela V shoes on,” said the Slovakian model-turned-entrepreneur.

Michaela V has been featured in Forbes, International Business Times, Daily Front Row, and in London Daily Post.

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