LoveRose Lingerie: “Cancer Affects Every Part of Your Life.”

LoveRose Lingerie was developed by Caroline Kennedy Alexander after she became dismayed by the poor range of underwear available following her double mastectomy.

Incorporated in January 2016, LoveRose Lingerie was named after Caroline’s sister Rose, who died from breast cancer in 2014. More recently, Caroline lost another sister to the disease, too. Caroline (who studied fashion design in Ireland, and later – sculpture at the Edinburgh College of Art), was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, before undergoing several operations, and radiotherapy. 

When cancer returned in 2015, Caroline (one of four sisters out of six who has had breast cancer) underwent a double mastectomy, with reconstructive surgery.

Following her experience with the disease, Caroline teamed up with the designer, Sarah Bell Jones, – to design and develop the LoveRose Lingerie range. The designs feature a variety of pocketed and non-pocketed bras, with hidden support hammocks, – paying particular attention to ensure thoughtful seaming, plush elastics, and finishings. 

“I know how cancer can affect every part of your life, and why it’s important for women to be able to feel good, and retain their femininity after surgery. After my treatment, I realised that I couldn’t find anything like what I used to wear. I felt excluded. I was left with nothing to choose from. That’s why I decided that we HAD to create this brand,” said Caroline.

LoveRose Lingerie is the ONLY brand of it’s kind to combine the complex needs of women who have undergone breast cancer surgery, with luxury design, high quality fabrics, and matching garments. As well as looking attractive, the ‘feel good’ indulgence of beautifully-designed lingerie has been shown to boost self-esteem and confidence, which is particularly important for women who have undergone life-changing breast surgery.

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All of LoveRoses’s products are sustainably-made, using recycled lace, super soft mesh, silk, and cotton jersey. The Founders have also created a vibrant online community, providing mutual support and care amongst women with experience of breast cancer.

Recently, LoveRose’s Founders entered Dragons’ Den in a £200,000 bid for investment funding, to help upscale production, and introduce new swimwear, essentials, and nightwear ranges.

Although they didn’t manage to secure investment, Caroline Kennedy Alexander said: “It was incredibly exciting to have the chance to share LoveRose Lingerie with the Dragons, and the millions of viewers who tune in to watch the show.”

LoveRose has been applauded by the fashion expert and beauty entrepreneur Trinny Woodall, who praised it’s feminine designs, and who described the LoveRose Lingerie concept as “inspiring,” and “a phenomenal brand.”

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