Baked by Steph: From A TINY Flat, To An Industrial Kitchen.

Launched by Stephanie Giordano in December 2018, ‘Baked by Steph‘ specialises in yummy baked goodies, thoughtful-gifting, and delicious, customisable cookies.

From celebrity faces, to emojis, to branded logos… Baked by Steph does it all.

In just three years, Steph’s brand has grown exponentially, building a glowing reputation amongst everyday consumers and corporate clients. From creating simple birthday cookies, to fulfilling orders of 10,000 cookies for Tiffany and Co. (yes, ten thousand cookies), Baked by Steph is wonderfully versatile, and charmingly trendy.

However. With an educational background in fashion and fine art, Steph had a different career in mind. But she’s always loved baking, so she decided to bring her creative background to the kitchen.

“I’ve always known my way around a baking recipe, but it was when I changed careers in my late 20’s, that I started to bake with more intent. Baking became my creative outlet, and I loved finding different ways to create ideas in my head with an edible medium. It started off as a fun, explorative hobby, but it quickly became a total obsession,” said Steph.

Baked by Steph began to form in late 2018. By this point, Steph had been baking for over a year, and she’d created an Instagram account to track her progress. At the time, every cookie was made in Steph’s tiny Camden flat.

Within a matter of months, Steph had gained over 10,000 followers on her Instagram, and commission requests began to flood into her DMs. But things got even more surreal, when a major fashion brand asked Steph to bake 600 cookies for one of their events.

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“It was a pivotal moment for me. I ended up turning it down, because I just didn’t have the ability to provide such large quantities at the time. But it made me realise the potential for large orders, and I figured that there must be more companies who would be interested in what I was creating. From that point forward, I made it my business to figure out how to turn my side-hustle into my main hustle,” said Steph.

Steph knew that she wanted to pursue her business, but she was anxious to take the plunge and quit her full-time job. As a result, she spent every single waking moment outside of work developing Baked by Steph. And by the end of 2019, she had employed five members of staff, and she was outgrowing her kitchen.

And then COVID-19 hit. Unfortunately, Baked by Steph was forced to cease trading for five months, and to add insult to injury, Steph discovered that she was ineligible for government support. “It was tough, but it spurred us on to set up new opportunities. We started to provide international shipping, so that we could capture the market for sending a little love in the post over the festive period,” said Steph.

Now, Baked by Steph has a whopping 80,000 followers on Instagram, and Steph has worked with Twitter, Elizabeth Arden, H&M, Facebook, Google, Harrods, Disney, and more. Their custom face and message cookies are extremely popular, and they’ve generated a huge buzz amongst consumers.

Baked by Steph’s projected turnover this year is set to DOUBLE, with the company on an upward trajectory to accrue even further success in future. Steph stands as a glowing example of how passion and determination can turn your hobby into a fully-fledged business.

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