Nua Fertility: The Innovative, World-Class Fertility Brand.

Founded by Deborah Brock in 2020, Nua Fertility is a world-class fertility brand from Ireland, specialising in fertility supplements with a focus on microbiome.

The brand was inspired by Deborah’s own experience of infertility.

After meeting and marrying her soulmate, Deborah hoped that her journey towards pregnancy would be a straightforward one. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. “My journey with my husband, Mark, to become parents, was far from straightforward,” said Deborah.

Because of this, Deborah decided to explore fertility treatment in 2011. After three failed ICSI’s and FET’s, thankfully, she was blessed with a ‘miracle baby’ in July 2012.

Deborah’s experience inspired her to search for a solution that was grounded in science: her journey led to the discovery of the importance of nutrition for fertility, and the world of the microbiome and microbes.

NEXT UP: Deborah used her newly-found knowledge to develop an award-winning, first-of-it’s-kind product. As a result, Nua Fertility’s supplements are designed to promote optimal microbiota diversity for conception. And… they include the key nutrients needed for fertility.

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Deborah’s first product, NuaBiome Women, launched in August 2020. The product combines fertility-supporting vitamins and minerals, and a blend of high-quality strains of good bacteria, – to promote healthy conception, egg health, and foetal development.

Nua Fertility’s supplements are stocked and sold in various pharmacies, health food stores, and fertility clinics in Ireland, and across the UK. The brand was awarded with ‘The Best Women’s Health Product,’ in April 2021.

“We developed an ecommerce platform to provide educational programmes for our customer. We launched our male products in 2021, and now, we have several new, innovative products in the pipeline,” concluded Deborah.

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