Re_Threads: The Work-wear Brand That Empowers The Overlooked

Re_Threads: a work-wear brand that’s on a quest to empower the overlooked. The range includes 16 pieces: 7 items for women, 6 items for men, and 3 unisex items.

From t-shirts and trousers, to shirts, chinos, and jackets, Re_Threads provides versatile, durable, and comfortable work-wear for men and women (from all walks of life).

The brand was launched by Matt Roche and Liz McGreevy.

Matt has worked in the construction industry for over fifteen years, and Liz possesses a wealth of experience in the fashion sector.

Re_Threads launched, because Matt and Liz wanted to create a work-wear brand for construction workers, tradies, and crafts people that doesn’t harm the planet.

My background in fashion was the thing that turned me away from the industry: the practices, the work ethic that went on behind closed doors, the old school rag-trade mentalities, fast fashion getting faster, and more and more waste each year,” said Liz McGreevy.

“However, all these wrongs now seem to be the things that have brought me back to the table with the intention of making them right, along with a lifelong wish to help others,” added Liz.

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So, this is Re_Threads. We aren’t perfect. We’re a team of people that believes that the world can do and be better,” concluded Liz.

Re_Threads is a partner of Rise Futures.

Rise Futures is a registered charity that works with young care leavers who are looking to gain meaningful experience and skills to better equip them with resilience and independence.

Rise provides personalised programmes and mentoring that opens up opportunities to guide young people towards a more productive and fulfilling future.

20% of all profits are donated to the Rise charity, and Re_Threads runs internal opportunity placements for their students.

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