TINCTURE London: Non-toxic Cleaning (That Smells HEAVENLY).

TINCTURE London: award-winning cleaning and home products that are 100% natural, non-toxic, antiviral, antibacterial, sustainably-sourced, and biodegradable.

Angelika Davenport launched TINCTURE London, because she failed to find a non-toxic cleaning product that was safe to use around her family (including her pets). She didn’t want to exacerbate her children’s asthma and eczema.

Before setting out to develop TINCTURE London, Angelika tested EVERY product on the market. She checked their performance levels and their ingredients lists. Whilst doing this, she discovered that most cleaning products contain harmful ingredients.

According to Angelika’s research, the air in a typical home, school, and workplace can be up to five times more polluted than the air directly outside. And the biggest culprit of this pollution comes from the chemicals found inside household cleaning products.

Launched in 2020, Angelika and TINCTURE’s mission is to raise public awareness on the issue of indoor air quality, and to provide practical cleaning alternatives that DOESN’T release harmful Volatile Organic Compounds. After years of rigorous testing and clinical trials, TINCTURE is proud to provide a range of cleaning and well-being products that smell amazing, putting the health of your family and our planet at its heart.

All of TINCTURE’s blends have been inspired by ancient monastic wisdom of active botanicals, and their properties. Essential oils enhance the product’s performance, and our well-being, too. TINCTURE uses the power of nature to clean, protect, restore, and uplift your home, WITHOUT the use of harmful toxic chemicals.

The brand is manufactured in the UK, and they’re proud to be truly British. Their product packaging is either fully biodegradable, or it’s 100% recyclable, and their antimicrobial bottles can be hygienically reused, and topped up with cleaning refills – to help reduce plastic waste.

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Angelika Davenport is a Doctor of Economics, with over twenty years’ experience in investment banking, including Schroders, Credit Suisse, and two major private family offices. She’s a mum of four, and many, many pets.

“We’re facing unprecedented levels of harmful chemical exposure of humans and wildlife in daily life, which HAS to stop on a global scale,” said Angelika Davenport.

“We’ve spent YEARS testing our formulations, and partnering with leading scientific experts and Universities, to ensure that our formulations are as effective as chemical alternatives, but are 100% safe for human and planetary health,” added Angelika.

TINCTURE achieved over £500,000 in sales in its launch year, and last year, the business grew by +500%.

Now, the brand has a community of 50k+ customers and followers, a wholesale business that’s made up of 500+ key retail partners, with international expansion into Europe/Asia, and Naturismo and Planet Organic as stockists.

Find out more here: https://tincturelondon.com