BetterMe Launches Sports Apparel, With The Ukrainian Flag’s Colours.

BetterMe (a Ukraine-based healthcare company) has launched their ‘Creating Freedom Within’ collection: a matching sportswear set with the Ukrainian flag colours.

BetterMe was Founded in 2016 by a certified health coach, named Victoria Repa. Victoria launched the business, because she wanted to create a brand that specialised in comfortable, beautiful sportswear.

50% of BetterMe’s ‘Creating Freedom Within’ collection will be donated towards children who have been affected by the war, via UNICEF Ukraine. The new collection is a statement for freedom, self-expression, and commitment: it’s made with premium, four-way stretch fabrics, giving it the following advantages:

  • It’s high-waisted for lower belly support,
  • Ease of motion,
  • Great breathability,
  • Form-flattering leggings that shape legs and slim thighs,
  • And a sweat-wicking effect.

“In 2022, Russia attacked my second home in Kyiv. Like all of us here in Ukraine, I fear for my life and those of my loved ones. Like all of us, I feel helpless in the face of an unjust war, and so I’m focusing on what I can control,” said Victoria.

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“I am doing what I can, by securing financial stability for our employees here at BetterMe, and by donating half of the purchase price of our new Freedom within matching set to UNICEF for the sake of the millions of Ukrainian children whose lives have been upended by this senseless war,” added Victoria.

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