Buck + Birch Launches ‘BIRCH,’ A Brand New Botanical Spirit.

In 2012, Buck & Birch‘s Tom Chisolm and Rupert Waites asked themselves: ‘could we create a dining experience, using ONLY ingredients harvested from the wild?’

The answer was ‘yes.’

By combining their knowledge, their fascination for native ingredients, and their experience in the hospitality trade, the pair set about creating a menu that reflects the season and it’s surroundings.

What began as a pop-up dining experience for fourteen friends in an old Edinburgh townhouse, has since evolved into an award-winning craft drinks brand. Buck & Birch has moved from the garden shed to a production facility, and they’ve proudly collaborated with internationally-renowned chefs, brands, and bartenders.

Buck & Birch’s ethos is to share and celebrate the amazing hidden ingredients that flourish in our natural surroundings, including carefully-curated ingredients, which have been expertly-crafted by nature into unique, contemporary drinks. After a successful debut in 2021 with a first spirit batch, it was only natural that Buck & Birch would launch a second batch, BIRCH: a wild botanical spirit, – a great alternative to the traditional gin or vodka.

BIRCH is distinctive in the sense that it uses ingredients that are just a stone’s throw away from their East Lothian distillery. Buck & Birch marries pure spirit with raw birch sap, and season with wild birch flavours, to create a smooth yet complex botanical spirit. BIRCH can be:

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  • Chilled in the freezer and served neat,
  • Or poured over lots of ice,
  • Or topped with light tonic or soda,
  • Or garnished with rosemary, or a slice of citrus to accentuate the herbal notes.

For cocktail enthusiasts, BIRCH is best mixed in a classic martini with vermouth, with either a twist of lemon or an olive, depending on belief in tradition.

“There has always been lively discussion at Buck & Birch about producing a spirit strength drink, but we were never in any rush. Finding the right one was the most important thing. The birch tree has always been integral to our business (it’s even in our name), so we knew that we wanted to create something in its honour. After the success of the first batch, we are excited to bring the new seasonal batch of BIRCH to our followers and fans,” said Tom Chisolm.

Buck & Birch can now be found on the shelves, menus, and gantries of some of the best bars, restaurants, and retailers across the UK. 

Find out more here: https://www.buckandbirch.com