Earth + Vine: Turn Your Home Into A Sanctuary (Consciously).

Earth & Vine started in July 2021, as a way to help those across London and beyond to turn their indoor spaces into a relaxing sanctuary (away from urban life).

The brand offers a wide range of plants for everyone, from beginners, up to seasoned plant parents who want to turn their homes into a sanctuary. Earth & Vine also provides a selection of home accessories, including candles, incense, essential oils, mugs, and teas.

“As more and more people are shifting their focus to wellness and self-care, Earth & Vine’s mission is to make that journey a little easier. As a long-time plant parent, I have seen firsthand the mental and physical health benefits that the combination of plants and aromatherapy can have in the home. We’re so excited and eager to help others to realise those benefits too,” said Earth & Vine’s Founder, Olivia St Pierre.

Olivia launched Earth & Vine when she moved back to London after living in Cornwall. She had always dreamt of opening her own plant store one day, and turning it into a creative sanctuary.

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Once settled in London, she found herself growing and propagating plants in her one-bedroom flat, in an effort to bring the essence and aromas of life on the coast to the city. This quiet hobby soon snowballed into a fully-blown passion project, and Earth and Vine was born.

Olivia has since gone on to supply Google and YouTube, and various hotels across the country.

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