Little Patakha: The Inclusive, Interactive Toy Brand For Kids

Akshata Nayak’s ‘Little Patakha‘ sparks curiosity in young minds, by introducing them to people, ideas, and sounds that they wouldn’t normally come across.

Little Patakha’ means ‘firecracker’ in Hindi. Akshata Nayak (who was born and raised in Bangalore) started Little Patakha in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. Initially, she created her products as a way to share her Indian heritage with her daughter.

But after discovering the complete lack of representation and diversity in the children’s sector, she decided to do something about it.

Now, Little Patakha provides books that can introduce kids to languages such as Hindi or Konkani, through phonetic cues, pictures, and scannable QR audio files.

There’s also interactive colouring books, stickers, postcards, and dolls (that are hand-stitched in Ukraine) that work together to integrate new cultures and diversity into children. And having just wrapped up their second crowd-funder, Little Patakha will be adding mix-and-match jigsaw puzzles and affirmations cards to their product range, too.

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Imagery and concepts introduced to kids at a young age, can deeply impact them as they grow. Little Patakha was created to spark curiosity in eager young minds, so that they can learn from and celebrate differences, whilst seeing how they make us more vibrant and innovative,” said Akshata.

Akshata Nayak has earned two Master of Science degrees: one in Biochemistry, and another in Applied Clinical Nutrition, in the United States.

And prior to launching Little Patakha, she ran a vegan skin-care line, named the Orange Owl. She also Founded the Alternative Roots Health Wellness Center, where she provided a nutrition counselling service.

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