SUN.DAY of London: ‘Harnessing The Healing Power of Plants.’

‘Harnessing the healing power of plants:’ SUN.DAY of London‘s botanical candles, diffusers and mists will bring a sense of balance and tranquility to your home.

Each product in the collection provides calmness and comfort to today’s chaotic lifestyles, and SUN.DAY of London‘s unique blends of pure aromatherapy-grade essential oils are guaranteed to uplift both your mind, and your body.

Founded in 2017 by an East London based fine artist named Natasha Garbawi, the SUN.DAY of London collection is handcrafted in small batches in an East London studio. Natasha believes that fragrances should never come at a cost to your health or the planet, and therefore, all products are 100% free from synthetic perfumes, chemicals, and paraffins.

The candles are formulated with a blend of creamy coconut and rapeseed wax (which is sourced from Europe), and they’re housed in apothecary jars that are produced in the UK, with pure cotton wicks.

The packaging is sourced carefully and locally, and the glass containers and the aluminum lids can be recycled.

For generations now, Natasha’s family has hand-picked wild plants from the Macedonian mountains, to create healing teas and remedies for various ailments. It was here that Natasha’s grandparents taught her about the therapeutic, well-being properties of plants.

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Having seen the power of nature first-hand, Natasha started to think of ways that she could capture the sensory experience of these botanicals back home.

“I was inspired by the natural world and its healing properties. I hope that SUN.DAY of London can be both an educational tool, and a platform for transparency in the fragrance world, especially as a female founder. I want to bridge the gap between the mystical world of fine fragrances, and the healing world of aromatherapy in an immersive and inclusive way. Being involved in the niche community of fragrance is wonderful,” said Natasha.

Now, SUN.DAY of London is stocked in 60 wonderful independent boutiques across the globe.

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