The Doran Binder Story: Meet Cheshire’s Crag Spring Water.

Doran Binder’s journey towards becoming the owner of Crag Spring Water, and consequently, Cheshire’s leading water sommelier – is a truly remarkable story.

Running twenty seven meters below the ground at the foot of Shutlinsloe Hill in Macclesfield, is a natural spring that produces some of the best water in the world. One day, Doran Binder (the current owner of the Crag Inn pub, and the surrounding land) had the water tested as part of an annual water safety inspection.

Doran was advised by Richard Taylor of Blair Water, that not only was the water safe to drink, but it was of exceptional quality, having been filtered through layers of sand and rock for centuries, resulting in some of the silkiest, most creamiest water ever to be tasted.

So just like that, Doran quit his well-paid job. He sold everything he had, and he plunged all of his money into setting up Crag Spring Water in 2016.

And from that very moment, Doran was clear that his overriding company ethos, was to be as kind to the environment as possible, so he outlined a business model where every bottle is reused rather than recycled, choosing glass bottles over plastic. Also, the business employs people with learning disabilities via a local charity, as a way to give back.

The water is delivered to doorsteps nationwide, via a monthly subscription service through a partnership with the Modern Milkman. Empties are returned, washed, and sterilised – ready to be used once again.

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Doran believes that Crag Spring Water has reused over one hundred thousand bottles to date, using this method. Until production grows to a point where it is no longer viable, each bottle is currently filled and carbonated manually. Doran has also become a fully qualified water sommelier, supplying Crag Water to local restaurants.

Up until six years ago, I was working in New York and travelling back and forth to see my family. I had a great job and I was earning good money, but I wouldn’t say that it fulfilled me,” said Doran.

When my marriage broke down, I won’t hide that there were some very dark days, and when I stumbled upon the Crag Inn, it was more that I needed a place to live and a project/business to throw myself into. I thought I was becoming a landlord. Now, I’m a water sommelier,” added Doran.

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