Greenscents: Organic Household, Laundry, + Cleaning Products

Launched by Christina and Peter Hawkes in 2011 (and based down in rural Somerset), Greenscents makes premium organic, laundry, household, and cleaning products.

They’re perfect for those with sensitive skin, and they’re allergy-friendly, too. Greenscents is the ONLY UK household, laundry, and cleaning brand to be certified as palm oil free.

The products are hand-made in a Dulverton workshop in rural Somerset, using premium, certified-organic, vegan ingredients, in small batches to reduce waste. And, they’re housed in 500ml amber glass bottles, which can be reused and refilled.

Greenscents is certified by The Soil Association and The Vegan Society, as well as carrying the Leaping Bunny logo (they’re certified by Cruelty Free International, too).

Also, the business has been recognised by Ethical Consumer, as ‘the most ethical brand available in the UK for laundry detergent, toilet cleaner, washing-up liquid, and household cleaners (Ethical Consumer, 2017 and 2021).’

Prior to launching Greenscents, Christina worked in Tesco’s research department in the 1980’s, before becoming a retail analyst in the 1990’s, and a senior lecturer at the UCL.

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The creation of Greenscent came from a personal struggle she had with her own skin allergy problems.

I have skin allergy problems, and I didn’t want to expose my children or my pets to any toxic chemicals inside the home. I just couldn’t find a brand that was natural enough for me, so we decided to launch our own range of certified organic laundry and cleaning products,” said Christina.

Today, Greenscents has a growing following of customers. They supply various independent stores up and down the country with their 20 litre refill containers, and… businesses can return these containers for free.

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