Bio-D Has Launched A New, Naturally-Derived Soap Bar Range.

Bio-D (the British green cleaning company) secured it’s B-Corp certification earlier this year, followed by the launch of their new 100% natural soap bar range.

Created from 100% naturally-derived ingredients, and made with 65%+ organic content, Bio-D’s brand new soap bars are cruelty-free and vegan. They gently cleanse the face and the body, leaving the skin feeling fresh and moisturised.

There are three fragrances to choose from: Lime & Aloe Vera, Plum & Mulberry, and Mandarin. Each soap bar contains high levels of Vitamin E (which is good for skin), and is free from sulphates, including SLS, SLES and ALES, and MPG.

Bio-D was founded in 1989 by Michael Barwell in Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire: it’s now the UK’s leading manufacturer of environmentally-responsible, ethically-sound, vegan cleaning products.

Michael’s job at the time was to clean and maintain commercial ships, which was hard work, and required industrial cleaning products for which heavy-duty safety equipment (including a respirator) had to be worn.

Michael was shocked to discover that many of the ingredients in the products he used at work could also be found in everyday household cleaners, which prompted him to look for naturally-derived alternatives that would clean safely and effectively, without harming people or the environment.

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Michael has since retired from the business, with Lloyd Atkin taking over after as the MD. Now, with Lloyd at the helm, the Bio-D team works every single day to continue on Michael’s legacy.

“I am committed to continuing Michael’s mission: to provide cleaning products without compromising the planet, and I’m pleased to say that since becoming MD, Bio-D has continued to excel,” said Lloyd.

Bio-D recently secured a national title for Energy and Sustainability at a major manufacturing ceremony, The National Manufacturing Awards, organised by Make UK.

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