The Brook: Vegan Meals – Cooked And Delivered To Your House.

The Brook: yummy, healthy, ready-made vegan meals for two (at home). Choose from a variety of dishes. Order online, have it cooked and delivered, and… eat it.

The Brook began life as a restaurant in Surrey, in 2013.

For the first six years, the restaurant served innovative, locally-sourced food; pushing the boundaries of what could be created from plants. In 2018, the founders took it a step further – by opening a second pop-up restaurant in Hackney for nine months, which was named the ‘Time Out Best Restaurant’ in Hackney. The owners knew they were onto something, hence the creation of their ready meal range.

Thea Brook and her husband Andy switched to a plant-based diet after Thea was suffering with various health issues, partly due to her dairy intolerance. The more that Thea and Andy learned about plant-based diets, the more they knew it was the right move: for health, for the environment, and for compassion.

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Prior to launching The Brook, Thea spent the majority of her career leading finance operations for various start-ups, but she’d always had a passion for the kitchen, with her early kitchen experiences dating back to when she was 15.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the restaurant to close, so Thea and the team pivoted the business, launching branded freezers into retail, and a home delivery service via their website. This has seen the business continue to grow at a healthy rate, despite difficult times. “If you can dream it, you can do it,” concluded Thea.

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