Beauty Kin: Solid Body Bars That Solve Skin Problems. Sorted.

Beauty body bars. Beauty Kin stemmed from my need to find a solution that was eco-friendly, that embraced soap once again” said Beauty Kin’s Founder Nada Ward.

Beauty Kin = solid bars that were created as an alternative to liquid bath and body products, designed to solve various skin problems.

There’s four products:

  1. A Hydrating Body Bar (an everyday bar that’s highly effective at hydrating skin, that goes easy on sensitive patches),
  2. A Clarifying Body Bar (a cleansing bar for blemish-prone bodies that’s ultra-mild, 100% soap-free, and highly effective at clearing skin – whilst being very gentle),
  3. A shaving Body Bar (that’s highly effective at soothing and hydrating skin during the shaving process),
  4. And an Exfoliating Body Bar (that’s highly effective at gently removing dead skin, unclogging pores, and ridding the skin of impurities.

Founded in 2022 by a former youth worker named Nada Ward, Beauty Kin launched from a desire to make a set of body care products that enriched daily routines and targeted common beauty problems, whilst remaining plastic-free.

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Having outreached to pharmacists, Nada now works with them on the formulation of the bars, to ensure that they’re full of effective ingredients. “We wanted to go back to basics, but with an update. People have been using soap for years, so we thought ‘how can we improve this?’ Each bar is driven by a need to fill a gap in the market, becoming more than just a bar of ordinary soap,” said Nada.

Now, Nada’s brand boasts a 4.9 star average rating across all products, and Beauty Kin has been featured across several high-profile national newspapers, including the Telegraph, the Guardian, the Sunday Express, the Sunday Mirror, and in popular consumer titles, such as OK!, Top Sante, My Weekly, and New!

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