Kushi Kantha: A Finalist In The UK Social Enterprise Awards.

Khushi Kantha (the hand stitched blanket brand that’s based in London + Bangladesh) has been named as a finalist in the prestigious UK Social Enterprise Awards.

The UK Social Enterprise Awards recognises businesses that are transforming communities, and tackling climate change.

Khushi Kantha is a finalist in the ‘Prove It’ award, which is given to social enterprises that can truly demonstrate and communicate their impact with their stakeholders.

Khushi Kantha is a social enterprise that creates opportunities for mothers in Bangladesh, by helping them to provide for their children with dignity – whilst contributing to a circular economy.

The organisation partners with mothers in Bangladesh to create sustainable, multi-purpose “Happy Blankets,” which are hand-stitched from hand-woven, hand-dyed cotton, and lined with up-cycled dead-stock cotton from the Bangladeshi garments industry. Khushi Kantha has recently taken things a step further by expanding their product range to bags, cushion covers, wall hangings, and dolly bedding, too.

I have fifteen years of experience in impact measurement. It’s what I do for my ‘day job,’ and I’ve applied everything I’ve learned to our multi-dimensional impact measurement approach, which combines internationally validated tools with participatory methods, so that we can understand what ‘empowerment’ means to the mothers at the centre of our social enterprise,” said Khushi Kantha’s Founder, Laura Rana.

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It’s a real honour to be shortlisted for this award, alongside some other inspiring social enterprises, who we can learn a lot from,” added Laura.

Laura set up Khushi Kantha, because she was inspired by the birth of her half-British, half-Bangladeshi twin daughters.

Social Enterprise UK (SEUK) is the largest network of certified social enterprises in the UK. They’re a global authority on social enterprise. SEUK exists to be a strong voice for social enterprises, by evidencing the difference that social enterprises are making, and by demonstrating solutions and influencing decision-makers to create an environment in which social enterprises can thrive.

Find out more here: https://khushikantha.com