Fused By Fiona: The Asian Cooking Range, By Chef Fiona Uyema

Irish TV Chef Fiona Uyema used her skills in cuisine – to launch an Asian cooking essentials range in 2017, with her husband Gilmar, who’s of Okinawan heritage.

After years of living and travelling in Asia, Fiona had the idea for ‘Fused’ once she returned home, only to notice that many of the Asian-inspired sauces on the supermarket shelves contained unnecessary additives and refined sugars – not good.

But it was also a light-bulb moment, and a key influencing factor behind the brand.

Inspired by her vision to make Asian food better via the bold flavours of The Far East, Fiona began to test out various recipes in the kitchen.

The result was ‘Fused by Fiona Uyema’ – a range of dinner-time heroes made using ONLY 100% natural ingredients, with NO refined sugars.

When Fiona first returned home from living in Asia, she channelled her love for the region and its varied cuisines into a small food blog, and before she knew it, she had a cookbook deal, she was hosting cookery demos at food festivals, and she was appearing regularly in the media and on national TV. Sorted.

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There is no such thing as luck. It’s a prepared opportunity,” said Fiona. A little lesson for us, perhaps?

Success takes time, so be patient, and learn from challenges along the way,” added Fiona.

The Fused by Fiona Uyema range has expanded from Fused’s original naturally-fermented soy sauce collection, to over twenty products, including stir fry sauces, curry pastes, ready chopped ingredients, and other store-cupboard essentials. Fused’s quality and flavours speaks for itself. Fiona has scooped up various national award wins in the UK and in Ireland, including the Great Taste Awards 2022, and… the UK Quality Food & Drink Awards 2021.

Well done, Fiona.

Find out more here: https://fusedbyfionauyema.com