Seep: Stylish, Eco Friendly, Compostable Home Cleaning Tools

Launched by Laura Harnett in 2020, Seep are best-known for creating stylish, eco-friendly, home-cleaning tools that are 100% plastic-free, and compostable.

The range includes a Sponge with a Loofah Scourer, a Natural All-Purpose Loofah Cloth, Large Compostable Bin Liners (30L), a Copper Scourer, a Bamboo Brush, a Biodegradable All-Purpose Cellulose Sponge, and some FairTrade Rubber Gloves.

Laura started the business, because she got fed up of the sheer volume of plastic that dominated the supermarket cleaning aisle(s). She decided to leave her Director job at Selfridges to do something about it.

Over the years, it was becoming easier to find greener alternatives – cleaning sprays, toilet paper, and washing detergent. But when it came to the most unsexy categories in the cleaning aisle, it was a sea of plastic with very few, easy to find, well-branded, genuinely sustainable options,” said Laura.

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Having worked in the retail industry all of my career, I’ve always had an interest in seeing new brands launch – but in particular, those that actually provide a solution to a problem. Seep does just this,” concluded Laura.

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