Protein Rebel Collagen: The Run Easy Marine Peptides Powder.

Protein Rebel has launched a ‘Run Easy Marine Collagen Peptides Powder,’ to help customers strengthen their joints and ligaments – to reduce the risk of injury.

Collagen is known to support the health of bones, tendons, ligaments, skin, and other connective tissues.

The product derives collagen from white fish; replacing the collagen that naturally depletes from your 20’s onward.

As a runner myself, I am fully aware of the pressures our bodies are put under when running long distances. Run Easy has the ideal amino acid profile for improving joint health and accelerating recovery after exercise, while reducing muscle soreness,” said Tim Boote, Protein Rebel’s Founder.

Run Easy is a pure and unflavoured marine collagen powder with no added sweeteners, preservatives, gums, or fillers to ensure that its fast-acting, and easy to digest. Being hydrolysed (broken down into tiny peptide particles) means that its absorbed easier by the body. Marine collagen acts up to 1.5 times faster than bovine and porcine collagen.

Marine collagen is also considerably more sustainable than other forms of collagen, with fish using far less land and feed than cattle and pigs, as well as emitting far fewer greenhouse gases.

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Run Easy is also the first U.K-based collagen brand that uses tins, which is the most sustainable packaging choice available, as metal can be infinitely recycled,” said Tim.

When mixed with liquids such as water, fruit juice, coffee and smoothies, OR added to foods such as porridge and yogurts, Run Easy dissolves and becomes odourless within a couple of minutes.

By taking five grams of Run Easy twice a day, runners can expect to notice improvements to their joints, ligaments, and tendons (as well as on their skin, hair and nails) from about six weeks onward.

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