Plant Based, Sustainable, Hand Dyed Yarn.

Adelle Gardiner launched after spotting a gap in the market for yarns that are free from animal fibres and cotton. The brand launched in 2019.

Based in Sheffield, is best-known for their wide range of plant-based, sustainable, and ethically-sourced fibers.’s yarn bases include the more traditional cottons and hemps, as well as some newer inventions, such as their shiny tencel, and their super soft bamboo rayons. The plants they use to create the yarns are incredibly sustainable and eco-friendly. These include bamboo, seaweed, pineapple, soy, nettle, and banana.

In addition to the yarns, there’s crafting accessories, as well, including kapok fibre/cotton neps (to replace traditional polyester stuffing), project bags that are hand-stitched from pineapple fibre, yarn bowls in various styles (handcrafted from mango, rose, and teak woods), and stitch markers/place holders, that are hand made from vegan polymer clay.

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Adelle has been a knitter for more than thirty years, as well as boasting a background in engineering.

“I wanted more choice, and all I could find in exciting non animal yarns was acrylic, so I began a journey of researching what other plant fibre yarns were available, and I began dying them for my own projects. After some fantastic feedback and a lot of interest, I decided to create VeganYarn,” said Adelle.

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