Breast Cancer Surgery Brand, LoveRose Lingerie Raises £300k.

LoveRose Lingerie raises £300k. A London-based investor (who watched Caroline Kennedy Alexander’s emotional appearance on BBC Dragons’ Den) has invested £200k.

LoveRose Lingerie is the UK’s first ever luxury lingerie brand to be developed specifically for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery.

The £300k investment will help to accelerate the brand’s growth, by developing further awareness, and by expanding the LoveRose Lingerie product range, which will include a new Essentials line – due to be launched later this year. The new Essentials range will allow more post breast cancer surgery women to wear LoveRose.

LoveRose Lingerie’s current advisers include Christian Maher (a former director of the lingerie brand La Perla), and Yvonne Webb (a former national account manager at the chocolate maker Cadbury). LoveRose Lingerie are also working towards collaborating with the relevant UK charities and organisations that support cancer patients.

It’s fantastic news to have successfully closed a £300,000 investment round, including a £200,000 commitment from our latest private investor. I am enormously excited about the potential for the LoveRose brand, which is about so much more than just bras. We put the emotional and psychological needs of our clients first,” said Caroline.

“This is a market that is shockingly under-served. We’re helping to fill a massive and pressing unmet need. Our post-surgery bras give our customers confidence and renewed self-esteem. Unlike other post-operation underwear, which tends to be bland, matronly, and synthetic, our lingerie is designed with wire-free engineering, and its crafted luxuriously.”

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Caroline Kennedy Alexander spotted a gap in the market for luxury lingerie whilst she was going through her own cancer journey. The brand is named in memory of her sister, Rose (Rose is one of two sisters who have passed away from cancer). Caroline is one of six sisters, four of whom (including Caroline) have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The range includes pocketed bras for women who wear prosthesis, and hidden support hammocks to negate the need for damaging underwires, whilst providing full support for the breasts or prosthesis.

LoveRose has been applauded by Trinny Woodall, who praised it’s feminine designs, and of whom described the LoveRose Lingerie concept as “inspiring,” and as “a phenomenal brand.”

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