WoollyWondersByJo: Handmade Crochet Gifts (For Your Home).

Set up in 2016 and inspired by Jo’s crochet hobby, WoollyWondersByJo makes handmade gifts and original frames, which are perfect for the upcoming festive season.

Prior to launching her business, Jo worked in education (with adults in the Apprenticeship space). She launched her business from a love of crochet, and from her love of whimsy – hence the name WoollyWonders.

“My aim with my products is to represent individuality, and to introduce people to crochet. Many people still see crochet as old-fashioned, and as something you do when you retire, and this is absolutely not true. Crochet can be used to create some of the most amazing items, and I aim for my products to fit within this category,” said Jo.

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Jo’s products are made using UK hand-dyed yarns, to create home-ware items (such as crocheted potted plants, flowers, beautiful shawls, and accessories).

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