Highball Cocktails: Enjoy A Ready-Mixed, Alcohol Free Drink.

Highball Cocktails creates tasty, ready-mixed alcohol-free cocktails. They’re perfect for teetotallers, and for anyone who wants to reduce their alcohol intake.

The drinks contain less than half the amount of calories of standard cocktails. They’re free from artificial ingredients, sweeteners and preservatives, and they’re gluten free and vegan, too.

Launched in 2019, the range includes Classic G&T, Pink G&T, Cosmopolitan, Italian Spritz, Ginger Dram, and Mojito.

The brand was founded by two cocktail connoisseurs – a husband-and-wife team, named Red and Kate Johnson, because they were looking to cut down their alcohol consumption.

They were disappointed at the existing no-to-low alcohol alternatives on the market, so they set out to create a range of drinks that genuinely tasted great, – that cut out the mixing hassle at home.

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“Our customers choose our drinks for all kinds of reasons. Many are mums who are either pregnant or breastfeeding, and others have chosen to go sober for many different reasons. Then there’s those who are looking for health, choice, and moderation in their lives,” said Kate.

Prior to launching the business, Kate worked in brand building, brand strategy, and innovation for clients in the FMCG sector, which she did for over twenty years. Her partner Red grew up around drinks, as his uncle was a brewer, his grandfather was a distiller, and his father is the best-selling wine writer, Hugh Johnson.

Since launching, Highball Cocktails has won Great Taste awards, and IWSC awards.

Find out more here: https://www.highballcocktails.com