Eco Friendly Garden Screens And Dividers (the British garden screen and room divider business) has launched its brand new winter 2022/23 collection of decorative privacy screens.

The collection includes three different takes on the snowflake crystalline structure – designed to provide privacy, and a cosy, intimate feel outside – this festive season.

The mono-kaleidoscopic designs aim to add a touch of style to smaller spaces (such as balconies and terraces), whilst working perfectly inside the home as room dividers, and/or feature wall panels, too.

The products are designed and made in the UK, using sustainably-sourced materials (including recycled plastics), and they can be recycled themselves. They come in a smooth matte finish, and they’re fully weatherproof, so they won’t require any maintenance.

Launched in January 2021, Luxury Screens is the UK’s leading manufacturer of garden screens, privacy screens, and garden trellises, with the largest collection of decorative screens in the UK. Clients include ITV, luxury hotels, restaurants, private estates, and more.

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E-commerce expert Suhail Patel is the brain behind Luxury Screens. Suhail launched (and still runs) a successful bed manufacturing company. Suhail launched his second business after taking a look at the garden screens market, after realising that it had become a mass-manufactured product in the UK, with no sense of individuality or personality.

Luxury Screens set out to change this, by launching over 250 different patterns – giving customers an opportunity to express character in the home.

“We showcase the biggest collection of styles to suit all in our pursuit to create more welcoming, authentic, and vibrant homes,” said Suhail.

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