LayerTree: Handmade Eco Friendly Home Furniture And Lighting

LayerTree: launched in 2012 by a husband-and-wife-team named Madeleine + Myles Bigden. The brand makes handmade eco friendly home furniture + lighting products.

LayerTree = high quality, consciously made furniture.

When Madeleine and Myles Bigden became first-time home owners, they found themselves without the funds for the quality and craftsmanship they desired, so they decided to launch their own furniture brand, instead.

Each LayerTree product is carefully hand-crafted in their Suffolk workshop.

“Our commitment to living a more conscious life extends outside of our business. We both take outdoor cold showers daily for our mental health, we use wood off-cuts from the workshop to heat our home, and we grow a large proportion of our own fruit and vegetables,” said Madeleine.

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Prior to launching LayerTree, Myles worked in the bespoke kitchen industry, and Madeleine was in education.

Initially, LayerTree began as a side hustle, however, the success of the brand enabled the duo to fund, design, and build a stylish garden workshop to make their products in, followed by a 4.9 average on Trustpilot.

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