Sparklebutt: Ashlee Ackland’s Disco-Inspired Fashion Brand.

Launched in 2017 by New Zealander Ashlee Ackland, Sparklebutt was inspired by 1970s disco music. The brand specialises in sparkly party clothing – with sequins.

It all started when Ashlee decided to make sequin flares for her friends. She wanted to buy some sparkly festival outfits for her boyfriend at the time, however, she couldn’t find anything, so she took matters into her own hands – by designing some of her own. It wasn’t long until they were all sold out.

A favourite for party goers across the globe, Sparklebutt = gender neutral sequin clad booty shorts, party pants, and shimmery shirts. Now, the New Zealander is on a mission to inspire people all-year-round to brighten up their darker days, by strutting sparkly clothing.

“Sparklebutt is all about showing off and being the centre of attention, with a little bit of cheeky on the side. We believe that everyone should have the chance to feel fabulous and sparkly, no matter your gender. Our eye-catching party outfits are timeless staples. They’re super comfortable to dance in, and they’re always the talk of the party,” said Ashlee.

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As well as running Sparklebutt, Ashlee is also a creative event producer – specialising in parties.

Recently, Ashlee sparkled her way through Dragons’ Den, Despite not securing an investment, she did manage to bring ‘party’ to the masses. Her products inspired Touker Suleyman, who, after putting some of her sequins on, danced with the models – before giddily saying that he felt ‘flirtatious’ – following his first ever se-quin wearing experience.

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