Check It Out: Ethical Bedding’s New, Innovative Eco Mattress

Ethical Bedding (the luxury, sustainable bedding brand) has expanded its product range – with the launch of a brand new, innovative, one-of-a-kind Eco mattress.

The brand has built a strong reputation for high-quality, premium, sustainable bedding products. The range includes organic eucalyptus duvets, sheets, pillows, fragrances, and sleep accessories. The latest product is the NatureCore Luxe Mattress.

Expertly hand-crafted in the UK, the 30cm deep mattress is reinforced with 7,000 pocket springs.

Using organic, ethically-sourced materials (that are natural and free from synthetics), the NatureCore Luxe Mattress has been designed to mould to ALL body shapes, with 17 individual comfort layers (manufactured from coconut, hemp, bamboo, organic flax, and recycled denim).

Each mattress comes with a 15-year guarantee (which is more than double the lifespan promise of most other conventional UK-manufactured mattresses), and to further support their commitment to sustainability, the Ethical Bedding team are happy to remove and recycle your old mattresses, too.

“From the materials we use, to our minimalistic packaging, to the distribution of our products, we insist on complete transparency and accountability when it comes to the impact we have on the planet,” said Ethical Bedding’s Founder, James Higgins.

Ethical Bedding is the ONLY B Corp Certified and Vegan Society-approved bedding company on the planet, with a 1% annual income pledge to global sustainability initiatives, including ‘plant one tree for every purchase made’ (with the aim of planting 100,000+ new trees by 2025).

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“The launch comes at an exciting time for Ethical Bedding, as we continue to work on building an entire ‘Ethical Empire,’ whilst inspiring other companies to champion sustainable practices,” said James.

Ethical Bedding was founded in 2020 by James Higgins, who gave up his 10-year career in financial technology – after realising that it was having a negative impact on his health, and most importantly, his sleep.

Having worked on a number of ‘side hustles’ over the years, his wealth of experience in e-commerce allowed him to create a business that would not only enrich peoples’ lives, but… make the world a better place in the process.

In January (2023), James turned down an investment offer of £150k from Touker Suleyman – during his recent appearance on Dragons’ Den.

2023’s focus, is to expand out – to high street stores across the UK and Ireland.

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