Men’s Underwear Brand, Crossfly: Reinventing The Underwear Game

Essex-based Crossfly makes premium, technical, comfortable, and ingenious men’s underwear. Duncan Patmore has reinvented the men’s underwear concept and design.

Launched in 2017, Crossfly has ‘reinvented the Y Front,’ with a fast-access X-Fly™: instead of an off-centre exit (which involves some grappling – taking up to what can be crucial seconds), a tab at the centre of the X design – simply slides down with a swipe of the thumb – for quick and easy access.

Additionally, a Coccoon™ pocket provides comfort and support -eliminating friction, by ensuring that each part has its own compartment. The Zero fold waistband keeps them firmly but comfortably in place, no matter how active you are.

Two underwear collections provide differing lengths. In the past year, a sock collection has also been added to compliment the range, and the underwear line has seen some new, fresh updated colorways added.

Duncan’s love of sport has driven his whole career, from working in a sports shop in his early teens, to taking Hi-Tec to the second biggest golf footwear brand in just three years, as well as becoming the Head of Footwear for Calloway, the biggest golf company in the world. Duncan always knew that this is where he wanted to be.

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When he was in the US five years ago, Duncan bought himself some golf underwear. This was when he saw the potential for a new way for underwear. After all, there has been little change in the design for over a century.

‘When the first retail companies I approached with Crossfly agreed to purchase them straight away, I realised that I’d hit on a winning formula,” said Duncan.

Crossfly’s January 2023 turnover was up by 500% on January 2022 – showing clear signs of growth.

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