Happy By Me: The Choose Happiness Planner For Boosting Moods

Become the happiest version of yourself. Unlike other journals/planners, the Choose Happiness Planner is built on Megan’s experience as a positive psychologist.

Positive Psychologist Megan Price has launched her 12-week Choose Happiness Planner, with research-backed interventions – to boost your mood.

The planner (which comes in yellow, blue, and green) brings decades of scientific well-being research into a fun, interactive journal – that begins with working to understand your best possible self.

Discover your values and priorities.

There is space for you to journal weekly (by setting your non-negotiable and what’s most important to you) and twice daily (each page has a two page spread that allows you to check in in the morning(s) and evening(s).

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“There are so many things we are told that we ‘should’ do in life. I wanted to create a solution that gives people the power to choose their own actions based on what’s important to them,” said Megan.

As well as running the Choose Happiness Planner business, Megan also works with individuals for one to one happiness coaching.

Find out more here: https://happybyme.co.uk