Apostle Coffee: The UK’s Most Environmentally Friendly Coffee

Apostle Coffee has begun this year’s carbon offsetting goal, to: plant 1000 trees (to build a wildlife corridor) + to: improve habitats at a perma-culture site.

This year, Apostle Coffee (the UK’s most environmentally-friendly coffee company) is supporting the indigenous people of Columbia – to avoid deforestation, by offsetting 34,000kg of CO2 – through its partnership with ClimatePartner.

Apostle provides award-winning organic coffee – that supports people on their climate-positive journey.

From bean to cup, the entire process has been scrutinised, accredited, and perfected – to ensure that it is the most sustainable, ethical, and environmentally-positive specialty-coffee available in the UK. Apostle can be ordered as a carbon-offsetting subscription, OR as a one-off purchase.

Apostle’s family-run roastery is ‘off-grid,’ – with energy generated onsite, via a dedicated wind turbine, and solar panels. The coffee is roasted-to-order, and ONLY the freshest beans are sent. Each batch is perfected to ensure that every bean is bursting with character and flavour, and the process is energy-efficient – to reduce waste and emissions.

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Launched in 2016 by a husband-and-wife team named Charlotte and Jon Stanford, Apostle set out with the ambition of producing the very best organic coffee – with minimal environmental impact.

We look to inspire and gently educate our customers on where their coffee is from, who’s growing it, and what the journey from farm to cup involves,” said Jo.

“We don’t outsource our environmental responsibilities. We get our hands dirty, by planting a native broad-leaf tree for each new subscriber. As early adopters of compostable packaging, we helped to push the coffee industry towards a plastic-free future. Our passion for re0wilding has seen us plant over 2,000 native trees, right here in the UK,” concluded Jo.

Find out more here: https://apostlecoffee.com