Hettie: Country-Inspired Accessories – To Last A Lifetime.

Created by Welsh-born Sian Reekie, five years ago, Hettie = timeless pieces that can be treasured for a lifetime, and passed down from generation to generation.

Sian Reekie launched Hettie – following a conversation around the garden table one evening, at a family BBQ.

She loves spending time outdoors with her family and friends, so she decided to design and make a country-inspired collection – infused with the colours of nature and the countryside, that she sees, every single day.

The aim of the collection is: timeless pieces to be treasured for a lifetime – to combat fast fashion, by focusing on sustainable living, and a cleaner industry – via traditional British craftsmanship and quality.

Prior to launching Hettie, Sian qualified as a pharmacist in 1987, before working in various areas of pharmacy. “It was a great job, but it didn’t allow me to be creative. I was running a pharmacy in my mid-fifties. Although I loved the camaraderie, I couldn’t bear the thought of doing the same un-creative job until retirement,” said Sian.

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The future: “We want to collaborate with other textile designers to create special limited editions of our products. We have just launched our first co-branded pet collection with LK Bennett,” said Sian.

Since launching, Hettie has attracted some high-profile attention.

Boris Johnson’s dog, Dilyn – was photographed wearing one of Hettie’s dog harnesses, and a number of celebrities have also been spotted in Hettie’s items, including the ‘Silent Witness’ actress, Genesis Lynea. Also, recently, Sian ran an auction – to raise funds for James Middleton’s charity, The Paw Print Fund – supported by Ben Fogle, the presenter.

Find out more here: https://www.hettie.co.uk