Cool Crutches + Sticks: The UK’s Most Innovative Walking Aids

“No more sore palms…” Launched in 2006, Cool Crutches + Sticks was invented to fill a void for practical, comfortable and stylish crutches and walking sticks.

Mother-daughter duo, Amelia and Clare launched Cool Crutches + Sticks – as a solution to the physical and mental limitation, pain, and discomfort – that average ‘normal’ walking aids cause.

All the way from Cheltenham, Amelia suffered a quad bike injury at the age of 19, which led to a spinal cord injury, that left her requiring walking aid support – permanently. Even worse, she would suffer severe hand blisters in rehabilitation, leading her to delay time-sensitive treatment.

“Doctors told me that I had a short period to regain feeling and movement in my legs, and following this, any progress I didn’t make would impact my life long injury,” said Amelia Peckham.

When severe blisters set me back a week, it wasn’t time I could lose. At a time when my physical and mental health were at their lowest, the one thing I had been prescribed to support my new life, was the one thing holding me back – my crutches,” she added.

Armed with a BA in History and some determination (and the support of her mother – an ex-advertising expert, named Clare), the pair invented a better solution.

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Cool Crutches & Sticks’ products are designed with a mould for natural hands – preventing painful and limiting blisters.

The products also feature functional wrist straps and detachable cuffs – to prevent the crutches from clicking as you walk, or from falling to the floor when users open doors. The crutches and walking sticks are available in a wide range of colours and prints, with the option to personalise them with a custom design.

The products have garnered huge celebrity support. Famous names, including Olly Murs, Eamonn Holmes, Amanda Holden, Prue Leith, and Vogue Williams (to name a few) have used Cool Crutches.

The products have also proven useful for Paralympic athletes, such as Mel Nicholls, Susan Seipel, and Danielle Brown MBE. ITV’s This Morning raved about a customised pair of Cool Crutches – featuring Holly Willoughby and Philip Schoefield. And, last year, the brand saw an 800% rise in sales, and a flourishing online community, with well over 50,000 social media followers and subscribers.

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