Hug Has Launched A Limited Edition Coronation Chicken – For Dogs

Hug (a ready meal brand for dogs + cats) has launched a special recipe to commemorate the Kings’ Coronation – a limited edition Coronation Chicken dish – for dogs.

The recipe is made with the finest British chicken and outdoor-reared pork, as well as being sprinkled with dried apricots – an essential ingredient in traditional Coronation Chicken.

The meal contains 75% meat, which is sourced from the best cuts only, including super-food supplements, such as Antarctic krill, which delivers essential omega-3 and choline for brain and heart health. Additionally, the dish is grain-free, and it contains a mix of vitamin and mineral supplements.

HugMyDog is the brainchild of Sara Pearson and Des Smith, who are passionate about pet care and nutrition. They launched the brand in early January this year (2023), in response to the significant increase in the dog and cat population during the pandemic.

“Dogs and cats are no longer second-class citizens in our lives. They are as important as our children, and often instead of children. It stands to reason why owners only want the best nutrition to ensure happy, healthy pets,” said HugMyDog’s Co-Founder, Sara Pearson.

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“In the same way you would not dream of feeding a child on a permanent diet of tinned or dried food, why would you do that with a much-loved animal member of the family? Hug has bridged the gap between the best human food with convenient, frozen, microwaveable meals that are specially-created for maximum pet well-being,” added Sara.

Aside from HugMyDog, Sarah also owns Spider, a leading PR and digital marketing agency. Des used to be the CEO of Skinners Pet Food, and the Chairman of Dukeshil (a fine foods and hamper company.)

The Coronation Chicken dish is available online for the month of May. It allows dogs of all shapes and sizes to dine like royalty on this momentous occasion. The packaging is 100% recyclable, and each dish can be heated and served to your pet directly – from the container.

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