Flävar: Vodka Schnapps From Sweden. Shot It. Sip It. Mix It.

Flävar (the Swedish vodka schnapps brand) arrived onto UK/British soil in 2022. The products are blended with award-winning vodka, and, they’re full of flavour.

Crafted on the shores of the beautiful Lake Boren in Southern Sweden, Flävar Schnapps is made with some of the freshest water in the world, award-winning vodka, and indulgent flavors. The result is a clear, crisp, and mouth-watering schnapps – that is perfect for a good time, dessert lovers, and/or anyone with good taste.

Rolf Munding launched Flävar Schnapps – after experimenting with unique, sweet, and fruity flavors – using high-quality vodka as a base. Inspired by his Scandinavian heritage, and the Swedish concept of ‘Fika,’ Flävar Schnapps combines retro-drinking, with the UK’s thirst for dessert-style flavors.

“Anyone brought up in Scandinavia and Germany – will know Schnapps, as it was a huge part of our drinking culture. I have very fond memories of the Schnapps drinking songs we used to sing back in the early 70s,” said Rolf.

The unique flavor of Schnapps makes me think of some great times, as I am sure it does for many other people,” said Rolf.

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The latest additions to the range, include Flävar Blueberry & Lemon, and Flävar Lemon Pie – both of which are 25% abv. They join: Flävar Salted Caramel, Flävar Strawberry and Lime, and Flävar Raspberry & Liquorice.

Since its launch, the brand has sold over 100,000 bottles – indicating a consumer favourability towards sweet and dessert-style flavorings.

Flävar Schnapps is encased in vivid designs, and its bottleneck is proudly emblazoned with the Swedish flag. It’s a seriously smooth and stylish liquid – that is perfect for any occasion, making schnapps the star of the show.

Find out more here: https://flavarspirit.com