Purscents: Pioneering Luxury Scents (With A Sustainable Edge)

Purscents: Financial Controller, Maame Sarpong – embarked on a mission to create a home fragrance brand to: 1. refresh spaces, + 2. contribute to sustainability.

Purscents launched in September 2022. The business was born out of Maame’s desire to: 1. uplift moods, 2. reduce waste, and 3. create a positive impact on the candle industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a newfound creative expression for Maame, who sought solace and inspiration through various artistic endeavors – during the monotonous days spent indoors.

As well as painting and vegetable gardening, Maame also discovered a passion for burning candles. But some of her candles were causing headaches for her husband, and the number of discarded candle jars and tins bothered her.

Driven by a connection to nature’s abundant offerings (and a strong desire to minimize the environmental footprint), Maame curated a range of sustainable luxury fragrances that enhance well-being.

“We started with ready-made candles and reed diffusers. However, we felt that this was insufficient to make a real impact on the candle industry’s waste problem, as candle vessels are still ending up in recycling bins and landfills, due to non-reuse, or improper cleaning. When we decided to create candle refills, we decided to differentiate them from what is commonly available on the market. The aim was to eliminate the need to purchase a vessel,” said Maame.

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So Maame opted for a sustainable blend of rapeseed and coconut wax for the candles, and renewable vegetable glycerin for the reed diffusers, as well as utilizing 100% essential oils, and plant extracts for the scents.

The products contain no synthetic fragrances, parabens, or hidden ingredients, and they’re vegan-friendly, with eco-friendly packaging – employing reusable and recyclable vessels, bottles, and packaging – that’s printed with 100% vegetable inks.

Recently, Purscents has launched a groundbreaking product to address the waste problem in the industry: clean candle refills. The refills (which are packaged in 100% biodegradable pouches) contain the same premium ingredients as their ready-made candles – rapeseed and coconut wax – which are infused with 100% essential oils and plant extracts. 

The refill can be melted in a microwave or boiling water, poured into the vessel, left to set for a few hours, and lit to enjoy a luxurious, sustainable candle.

Find out more here: https://purscents.co.uk