OWENS Coffee: Delicious, Chemical-Free, Organic Coffee Beans

For more than a decade (since 2010), Owens Coffee has been certified organic and Fairtrade, and sustainability has been at the heart of the business since day one.

Award-winning ‘OWENS Coffee’ – is best-known for its Soil Association organic-certified coffee beans. The brand is passionate about the protection of its people, and the communities involved in producing the coffee, as well as the environment.

“When we set out in 2010, there were very few roasters, and there were even fewer roasters who had sustainability high on their list of values. We are fortunate enough to live and work in an area of outstanding natural beauty, and this was the starting point that encouraged us to factor environmental issues into our business,” said Owens Coffee’s Managing Director, Lorraine Bridden.

Owens Coffee prioritizes sustainability in its roasting process, by investing in “clean technology,” i.e. by replacing its roasting equipment with an eco-roaster – that uses 80% less energy, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Their ‘Gara’ coffee beans received the prestigious title of ‘Best Organic Coffee’ at the Soil Association’s BOOM Awards in 2019. ‘Gara’ is a medium-dark roasted blend from Central America, with bold and fruity notes – ideal for both espresso(s), and filter coffee.

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There’s also ‘Bantham,’ which is a smooth and chocolatey medium roast blend from South America and Indonesia. It won a 2019 Great Taste Award. ‘Dart’ is a mellow and sweet blend from South America and Africa, that was awarded with a 2020 Great Taste Award.

And lastly, their ‘Decaf’ blend was recognized at the Taste of the West Awards 2019. It’s a refined and chemical-free darker roast from Latin America, that’s decaffeinated using the Swiss Water® method.

Before becoming absorbed in the world of coffee beans, Lorraine Bridden spent several years working in the biotech industry. In 2010, she acquired Owens Coffee. Her scientific background, her love for fresh coffee, and her knowledge of the industry – proved to be an ideal brew for growing this coffee roastery business.

Find out more here: https://owenscoffee.com