Spiced By Rayeesa Curry Kits: Revolutionizing Indian Cuisine

In 2015, Rayeesa (a former police officer, with a 17-year career in the Met) embarked on a new culinary journey that would change her life: ‘Spiced By Rayeesa.’

After relocating from London to Herefordshire with her husband and her three young children, Rayeesa discovered a new passion for hospitality, which was deeply rooted in her early childhood in Hyderabad, India, where she spent five years living with her grandparents. During this time, she experienced the vibrant and tantalizing flavours of Indian cuisine.

Upon reuniting with her family in England, Rayeesa quickly realised her affinity for cooking, and she became her mother’s chief helper in the kitchen. Fueled by her love for Indian food, she launched her own Indian Cookery School in 2010, which gave others the opportunity to experience the richness and authenticity of this culinary tradition. 

However, as her cookery school grew, she found herself searching for quick and convenient ways to feed her own family, whilst maintaining the fresh and authentic taste of homemade Indian cuisine.

Dissatisfied with the options available (particularly when it came to cooking a curry), she decided to develop a better curry cooking aid for busy, health-conscious households like hers. Thus, in 2015, she introduced Spiced frozen Curry Sauces.

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Since its launch, over 100,000 units of these award-winning Frozen Sauces have been sold nationwide. Rayeesa’s innovative product caught the attention of the investors on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, where she impressed them with her determination, and the quality of her creations.

After recognizing the need for versatility and convenience, she pivoted from the frozen category, to introduce a new line of Spiced Curry Kits, which are now in the ambient section of supermarkets, instead. These new kits will be launched in September 2023, and they’ll give home cooks the opportunity to create epic curries with ease.

“Spiced by Rayeesa is here to equip, inspire, and to release epic curries around the world,” said Rayeesa. Th is new and diverse range of Spiced Curry Kits will offer a myriad of flavours – inspired by her rich culinary heritage, from the fabulous khorma (a dish reminiscent of her childhood), to the Spiced Hyderabadi – that evokes the hot and tangy tastes of her hometown.

Find out more here: https://www.spicedbyrayeesa.com