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Gramersi Meets Danny Gray From War Paint

Today, we checked into the War Paint Carnaby Street store opening/press launch, and we interviewed Danny Gray, – who talked about their new store, men’s mental health, and the future of War Paint.

Nathalie Neuilly From Dressarte On ‘Standard Dress Sizing’

We sat down with Nathalie Neuilly From Dressarte, who in this video, – gave us her thoughts on standard dress sizing, the issues that surround it, and the solution.

Yanika From Cordina Hair’s Business Advice

We sat down with Yanika Cordina from Cordina Hair, who gave us her top business tips.

Gramersi Turns One! A Message From Our CEO, George Taylor

Today, we are proud to have reached a pivotal milestone in our history: it’s our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY since launching! And wow. What a year it has been…

Meet Carly Hooper From Beeutiful

Meet the beekeeper (Carly Hooper from Beeutiful), who in this video, – takes us through her 100% natural, award-winning skincare products (that are made from beeswax and honey).

THE TRUTH: COVID19, Pandemics + Holidays

We sat down with Harriet Seddon from Lotus Belle tents, who gave us an in-depth insight into COVID19 pandemic holiday trends, and how the holiday market has changed.

Meet Dalla Niakhaté From Thés Lac Rose

We sat down with Dalla Niakhaté, who gave us the low-down on her award-winning, couture tea brand, Thés Lac Rose.

Dayna Byfield: ‘Diversity In Entrepreneurship’

We sat down with Dayna Byfield from Renegade, who gave us the low-down on all things diversity within entrepreneurship.

The Future of Working (With Sridhar From Zoho)

We sat down with Sridhar Iyengar (Managing Director, Zoho Europe), who gave us the low-down on remote working, hybrid working, and the future of work.

The Woolf’s Kitchen: Asian-Inspired Cooking Condiments

Meet Dominique Woolf from The Woolf’s Kitchen. In this video, Dominique runs us through her BRAND NEW range of Asian-inspired cooking condiments.