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Take2: The Sustainable Swimwear Brand

A 21 year old student, named Cecelia Thornett, – has launched her own eco-friendly, sustainable swimwear brand, called Take2. Find out more in this video.

Sharon Keegan (Peachylean): The Interview

A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of interviewing Sharon Keegan from Peachylean. Watch it here.

Meet Maria + Fabian From Rufus Country

In this week’s PRODUCTcast episode, Maria + Fabian from Rufus Country walk us through their high-quality leather bags, + small leather goods.

Amani Zubair From Tresor: The Interview

In this interview, Amani Zubair (Tresor) talks about her family/upbringing, her early years, college + uni, launching Tresor, her successes, her vision, + Lord Sugar.

Pip Murray From Pip & Nut’s Start-up Advice

For this week’s ADVICEcast episode, Pip Murray from Pip & Nut shares her start-up advice for budding/early-stage entrepreneurs.

Meet Carla Costa Darling From MAUDA

In this video, Carla Costa Darling runs us through her disability-friendly adaptive clothing brand, MAUDA.

ViDrate, Investment + McFly’s Harry Judd

ViDrate on their recent investment, and McFly’s Harry Judd on why he invested in the brand…

Pip Murray (Pip & Nut) On Becoming A B-Corp

Pip Murray from Pip & Nut told us about her experience of becoming a B-Corp, and what it means for the business.

Pip (Pip & Nut) On #FashionToast @ London Fashion Week

Pip Murray from Pip & Nut runs us through their #FashionToast campaign @ London Fashion Week, 2021.

Active Hands Takes On The Nimble

Active Hands (the brand that’s famous for their SpillNot and Tipsi Tray), has bought the rights and stock of Nimble.