Freestar: The First Alcohol-Free Beer to Certify as a B Corp

An unopened bottle of Freestar non-alcoholic beer and a glass full of beer
Brewed non-alcoholic beer requires 10 pints of water for every 1 pint of beer. Freestar uses just 2 pints of water per pint of beer.

Freestar, a brand new innovator within the non-alcoholic beer industry, is proud to announce its certification as a registered B Corp – becoming the first alcohol-free beer company to be granted the accreditation. 

In 2017, three friends, Charlie Crawley, Eddy Dallas, and Felix von Hurter – were sat in the pub and they came to the realisation that there weren’t any non-alcoholic beers that they felt didn’t compromise on taste.

This lead them on a 2 year journey, trying over 400 recipes, to create Freestar, a great tasting alcohol free beer bringing a fresh take to the alcohol-free industry.

Freestar is built on the desire to shake up the alcohol-free market and to create a sustainably produced alcohol-free beer. They are now part of a growing group of companies that believe in pursuing purpose alongside profit.

Unlike other alcohol-free brands, who brew their beer and then remove the alcohol, Freestar is made with a completely new and unique blending process that uses 80% less water and creates 70% less waste. 

Their beer production process, their use of 100% recyclable materials in their packaging, and their commitment to being a net zero carbon emissions business by 2030 demonstrates how sustainability has been an integral part of the brand since its inception.

We’re super proud of our drive as a brand to create a sustainable, and great tasting product, which is why becoming the first alcohol-free beer brand to certify as a B Corp is such an achievement for us.

We started Freestar to make a positive impact and build a business we could be proud of. That first comes from how we make Freestar, by using significantly less water and producing less waste than other alcohol-free beer brands out there, and through B Corp’s rigorous assessment, we’re ensuring we make that commitment across our whole business.

We want our customers to know that by drinking Freestar you’re not having a negative impact on the planet or the community, and with the official B Corp certification, we can now guarantee that with every sip!

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Charlie Crawley, Co-Founder of Freestar

Freestar, the 2019 World Beer Award winner in the UK low alcohol category, is one of the newest British alcohol-free brands to join the burgeoning industry sector predicted to be the UK’s biggest trend for 2020, by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA). 

As 65% of UK alcohol consumers aged 25 to 34 are trying, or have tried, to cut back on their alcohol intake, Freestar is a beer for those who want to take a night off from drinking, free from pressure or stigma.

To achieve the world’s first truly 0.0% beer, Freestar combines malted barley, Perle hops and water. The final blend is a full-bodied and citrusy flavour, with a clean and refreshing finish that makes it perfect for summer drinking.

As an official B Corp, Freestar will be assessed annually across four different areas: community, environment, customers and governance. 

Freestar is available to purchase nationwide on the Freestar website, through Ocado, Farmdrop, and Amazon, as well as being stocked in some of London’s hottest bars and restaurants, such as Ace Hotel, POP Brixton, Kricket, Vinegar Yard, Village Underground, and many more.

You can find out more about Freestar here.