TRUE Skincare: Organic Beauty, Truly Accessible To All

The of TRUE Skincare's products: Earth, Air and Water.

Meet TRUE Skincare – the pioneering, organic, waterless brand on a mission to make beauty ‘inclusive, not exclusive.’

Whilst working behind-the-scenes at some of beauty’s most exclusive premium brands, industry insider, Emma Thornton, wondered just how possible it would be for a skincare range to be effective and affordable, without compromising aesthetics and integrity.

She found the answer 5 years later, when she launched TRUE Skincare.

TRUE Skincare is a pioneering British beauty brand, combining the potency of natural and certified organic ingredients with luxurious formulas, honest messaging, stylish design and a competitive price point, designed to make feel-good products as accessible as possible.

Developed during an era where consumers are increasingly conscious about the health of their skin and the planet, TRUE’s vegan and cruelty-free status, Soil Association credentials, sustainable packaging, charity partnership with Flora & Fauna International and transparent communication style stands out within a confusing beauty landscape, cluttered with deceptive messaging and manipulative marketing.

TRUE Skincare products are manufactured on the British coast, produced with oil-based, dry formulations and break-through technology, which minimises water wastage, and the need for artificial preservatives.

The brand uses high-quality, natural and organic ingredients, which treats skin by harnessing the healing power of plants, with their design taking inspiration from the elements of nature.

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Placing consumer concerns and commitment to honesty at the heart of the development process, TRUE’s founder has created a unique brand which has seen Emma celebrated amongst natural beauty line titles.

Natural Products News featured her in its’ ’30 under 30′ list of up-and coming talent within the natural and organic industry.

“Having registered the company in March 2018, the range quickly launched with Holland & Barrett in May 2018 and has since continued to grow at an unprecedented pace. We now also stock TRUE Skincare with Ocado, Birchbox, Amazon and Boots, with more major retailers to come, making organic beauty truly accessible to all.

Emma Thornton, found of TRUE Skincare

You can find out more about TRUE Skincare here.

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